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Murder Shakes Downtown Mineola

On Sunday evening, 6-15-14, a Mineola youth was murdered in downtown Mineola apparently after a verbal altercation with another person. 19 year-old Christopher James Griffin was found in the alley behind the Mineola EZ Mart with a gunshot wound to the…

Roses Celebrate Our National Heros


Mineola, TX, May 14, 2014 Flowers play many roles in everyday life: they express comfort during loss; they say “I’m thinking of you”; they provide the final polish to a memorable event; they are an extension of people’s emotions. The…

Mineola Texas Apartments and Rental Home Finder

This is a free service to help residents and future residents find rental living arrangements in Mineola. Many Mineola rentals are not represented on the web, so consider this a helping hand for those not familiar with the area. A free service of

RIP James Dear

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.43.49 AM

Mineola lost a big piece of history with the passing of James Dear. Mr. Dear was a part of this town for a very long period of time and in many, many ways. In june of 2011, I sat down…

Kacey Musgraves Wins Her First Grammy


Just a few years ago, she was on stage at the Lake Country Playhouse. Tonight, Mineola’s own Kacey Musgraves was presented a Grammy Award for Best Country Album for her hit album, “Same Trailer Different Park.” She and her band…

Walking, because they are driven!

Brian Cochran and Austin Shirley

Meet Brian Cochran, Austin Shirley and Archer. To many, this trio might look like homeless people moving from one location to another. And that’s exactly what they are. But this trio has a different reason for their movements than many others do. A great story follows.