Category: Community Outreach

Anything that has to do with the community helping its own.

2014 Lake Country Whitetails Unlimited Banquet

Support Local Conservation 50% of all net proceeds will go directly back to your local area for conservation-related activities. WTU membership included (except with spouse ticket). First come, first served. Current members will have their membership extended one year from…

Roscoe and Friends

We are looking forward to having The Borliks and Roscoe and friends with us, and we would like for you to join us at the New Life Family Center this Saturday at 2:00 pm and again Sunday at 10:00 am. We will enjoy…

Walking, because they are driven!

Brian Cochran and Austin Shirley

Meet Brian Cochran, Austin Shirley and Archer. To many, this trio might look like homeless people moving from one location to another. And that’s exactly what they are. But this trio has a different reason for their movements than many others do. A great story follows.