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No Shutdown in Mineola City Government

The city of Mineola is certainly not on any kind of shutdown. We are spending taxpayer funds left and right on things that are popular among some in our city government while completely ignoring things that are important to handicapped shoppers and ignoring our crumbling roadways.

Mineola’s First Business

In what the book (1976) refers to as “the present Safeway Store,” which is now Jalapeno Tree, the first business in Mineola that was in an actual building stood in 1876. Owned by A.J. Dockery, the business was managed by…

The First Train to Mineola

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.42.28 AM

The first in our weekly historical series on Mineola. We are basically doing a weekly book report on the book, “Mineola: the first 100 years.” This week, the first train arrives in Mineola.

APET Pet Photo Contest Winners


Saturday afternoon at an event at the Golden Homestead, Cathy Pegues (artist) announced the winner of our Pet Portrait contest.  She shared how very difficult it was to pick a winner since there were so many wonderful pictures submitted. She shared…

Mineola Flower Shop – Homecoming Mums Are Ready

Homecoming Mums at Mineola Flower Shop.

Get your Homecoming 2013 mums at Mineola Flower Shop. We have lots of new styles, color schemes and patterns made up for this year. Mineola Flower Shop also has a great selection of gift ideas and that something special to make someone’s day. Call us at (903) 569-0202. We deliver!