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Uniques and Antiques

Whether you are looking for that perfect treasure to complete your living room or putting the final touches on the weekend cabin, Uniques and Antiques has 8000+ square feet of keepsakes, antiques, furniture and possibly anything else on earth you…

Great deal on a used video camera

BrightSide Media has acquired a new camera, making our entire arsenal of cameras HD capable. To that end, we are forced to say goodbye to our old friend, the JVC Everio G Series camera. (specifically, the JVC Everio GZ-MG-155U) This…

Amazing Hummingbird Video

The hummingbirds are in a feeding frenzy ahead of their migration to warmer points southward for the winter. I was amazed at the number of them on a single feeder this morning. Enjoy! [ratings]

The Petitions are Available

The petition necessary to get the local option on the ballot is now being circulated around Mineola. At the current time, places we know where you can sign it are: Brookshire’s Wal-Mart B&B’s Legal Grounds If you know of other…